High-Tech R&D

Emerging technologies are topics we face every day. Our exposure to digital communications, signal processing, sensor fusion, embedded computing, electronics and other techy stuff,  across various verticals, has helped us build a world class service portfolio. This allows us to deliver premium R&D services at a great value for money.

Areas of expertise

Modern products require modern knowledge base and modern approach. When combined with years of experience a competitive advantage is guaranteed.

  • Motion and Positioning
  • Electronics design
  • Embedded and FPGA systems
  • Digital signal and image processing
  • Software Defined Radio
  • Cloud and Mobile Computing


Bitgear makes hardware easy. Complex electronics with contemporary processors, high cell count FPGAs or low consumption battery powered microcontrollers are things we bring to life on a daily basis.

  • Innovation
  • Custom industrial design
  • Pre-certification in local lab and certification support
  • Prototype production and field trials
  • Preparation of test jigs and launch support