Internet of Things & M2M

Bitgear offers custom product development and engineering solutions to innovative IoT / M2M companies. Our offer is based around highly skilled and versatile staff, deep understanding of interactions between User Experience and engineering, and comprehensive set of in-house Reference Designs.


End-to-end support

Agile and interactive development of the IoT / M2M product idea through make-test-validate cycles. The Makers approach.

  • Make-Test-Validate development approach
  • Multi-skilled teams
  • Prototyping and small series production
  • IoT & M2M Products Launch


A range of modern technologies applied to enforce innovation and create competitive advantage.

  • Mobile network M2M systems
  • Mobile wearable tech
  • Sensors and sensor networks for IoT
  • Web backend/frontend
  • Mobile App development

Referent designs and platforms

Bitgear continuously develops and improves comprehensive set of in-house reference designs for IoT and M2M applications. Based on further customization of reference designs development is fast and predictable.

  • CoachGear2: motion and positioning dev kit
  • Internet of objects: gateway reference design
  • M2M digital services Cloud platform