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The Business-to-Business Internet of Things (B2B IoT) is growing strongly and businesses increasingly understand the potential of digitalization with the IoT technologies. With the latest sensor and connectivity technologies, tailor-made IoT solutions become an affordable and powerful way to improve business processes by collecting and analysing data from the physical world.

Opportunities discovery

Practically all industry verticals can greatly benefit from IoT and data technologies (like Industrial IoT and predictive maintenance, smart agriculture, asset management and tracking, and similar). However, the real benefit of digitalization of certain processes is difficult to quantify at the beginning, before valuable data starts to flow.

Bitgear has a practically proven approach to "soft-start" IoT digital transformation.

  • Identify problems with short ROI to start with
  • Create a demo IoT system to inspire further discussions
  • Interact with use-case-specific domain knowledge very early
  • Scope other areas where IoT can bring value
  • Discover more opportunities to collect and use data

Digital service design

Digital service is the way how IoT solutions and stakeholders interact (through apps, dashboards, or sensor device usage), in the process of data acquisition and value creation. The engaging digital service design is make- or break- for the successful IoT solution!

Bitgear designs Digital services which are liked by the end users!

IoT enabling and support services

No matter if you want to digitize a small factory floor operation, or you are looking for a custom live stock management system with tens of thousands of tags - the components of the solution lifecycle are the same. End-users almost exclusively look for IoT solutions partners which offer "end-to-end" capabilities: from creating and rolling out, to scaling and supporting the IoT solutions.

Bitgear is the end-to-end provider of tailor-made IoT solutions for businesses.

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Technology advantage

Bitgear utilizes the latest technologies in the IoT space to create affordable tailor-made IoT solutions. These technologies include low-power indoor/outdoor asset and personnel tracking subsystems, environmental sensing devices, battery powered mmWave radars with smart algorithms, optical spectral analysis, machine vision systems, aerial robotics, etc.

We combine sensor devices from various vendors (including our own products) to optimize the costs. And if the use-case demands for a custom hardware solution - Bitgear will bring a significant competitive advantage!


Telekom SrbijaIoT ecosystem
DeloitteIoT implementation partner
Biosense InstituteSmart farming

We are a world class innovation partner able to conceptualize, engineer and vivify even the most complicated and almost impossible products.

Bitgear delivers custom and standard, yet complete, electronics, software and algorithmic solutions, as well as systems components and intellectual property.

We create intelligent systems for a more connected and more sophisticated world. This we do by applying state of the art technology from a multitude of disciplines with fundamental understanding of relevant background concepts.

We shape the ideas and concepts into mass producible, useful and usable products. Whether we are talking about full systems or subsystems we rely on passion and fervor that drives us to innovate and improve.

With years of experience in different industries and based on structured work concepts we are here to facilitate your next innovation, to help you create it, shape it and most importantly to make it happen.

Circular Economy by Design

Bitgear actively applies circular economy principles. Design of IoT products is carried from product lifecycle perspective (focus on modular design, repairability and intensification of use) which enables slowing and closing of resource loops.


Telekom SrbijaIoT ecosystem
DeloitteIoT implementation partner
Biosense InstituteSmart farming
Baer DronesMechatronics
SCGMIndustrial design and injection molding


In the annual overview "ICT Serbia - At a Glance, 2020", Bitgear is recognized as a #1 leading Centre of R&D Potentials in our country. This is an important achievement for us, illustrating our dedication to embed science and knowledge in all our services and products.
Bitgear introduced a new service: Digital Transformation with IoT. Following the B2B IoT take-off as a global trend, we derived the most modern service revolving around fast and incremental deployment of data collection IoT systems that digitally transform the way businesses are done.
Launch of Bitgear's first own B2B IoT product: Manhole Monitoring System ( Our first client was national telco provider Telekom Serbia and their system was the first major LPWAN deployment in our geographic region.
Bitgear cooperates with MIT Sloan School of Management G-Lab on business problems in critical areas such as processes, organization and strategic growth. Our third project (after projects in 2013 and 2014) laid out a roadmap for the next phase of company growth.
Thanks to the company's fast growth, Bitgear has achieved 2nd place in Central Europe ranking of The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 program. This prestigious annual award honors the fastest growing Central European technology companies, based on the percentage of revenue growth over a five-year period. Bitgear has achieved growth of 1872%.
Bitgear is ranked number 10 in The Deloitte Technology Rising Stars category with it's 387% revenue growth between 2008 and 2010 thus being the only Serbian company to make on the list in that category.


Stevana Markovića 8,
11080 Belgrade, Serbia